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March 29, 2005

Samsung MP3 Jukebox YH-820 4Gb

More than an MP3 player, the Samsung YH-820 is a portable digital recorder. The YH-820 has a LCD 65 000 coour screen and functions that will take your breath away. With the YH-820 you are able to record music on MP3 or WMA format, the standards the most used on the internet. Thanks to the JPEG fontion you will be able to transform the MP3 player into a portable photo album. You will also be able to stock important file on either word or excel format. The YH-820 has a usb 2.0 connection to ensure a high speed connection with your computer and has a Jack 3.5 mm cable allowing you to connect the YH-820 to your stereo.

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i accidently deleted the fonts for the Samsung YH-820. now the MP3 player says "No font files. Please reconnect the device." so mi question is how do i get the font file back? please somebody help me?

Posted by: Tyler | 21 Apr 2005 02:14:37

Format Device:

Select this button if the above options did not work. By selecting this option, you have elected to erase all contents on the device and regenerate the system files. All music and other data will be permanently deleted. When prompted, be sure to select FAT32 in the format dialog box. If this operation completes successfully, safely remove the device, then disconnect the USB cable

For further technical details please contact Samsung via their wesite www.samsung.com where there is a direct chat.

Best Regards,


Posted by: Alice | 26 Apr 2005 16:13:53

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